Amor é Cego

An unconditional devotion to the land.

Client: João Miguel Rosado

Going back to the ancient traditions of Alentejo, Portugal, we find the sculpting of beautiful and colourful clay figures called “Amor é Cego” (portuguese for “love is blind”). These small statues, dressed on festive clothes, bear typical objects of the region and are famous for representing the unreason of love.
Also in Alentejo is born a particular olive oil, a small production from an olive grove in charge of a devoted family. On the process of developing a concept and image for this olive oil, we came across the Amor é Cego dolls and found them to be a unique symbol not only of this region but also of true love and devotion. They remind us that when something is made with love, your eyes are closed to adversities that may come.
Bearing both the origin and commitment of these producers to their lands, the modern design of this olive oil package stands out within the olive oil universe. Such a cute bottle and impacting message will surely divide you on wether to open it or to keep it as a souvenir.