Two women’s view of the Douro in a wine embroidered by 4 hands.

Client: Esteban & Tavares, Lda.
Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade 2014 - Bronze Medal For Packaging Category
Pentawards 2014 - Gold Medal for Luxury Category

From a common perspective of what the Douro Valley has to offer, came the will of two women to come together and make a wine that would do it justice. Susana Esteban and Sandra Tavares da Silva, two close friends and renowned Portuguese winemakers, decided to unite their extensive experience and produce a wine that would reflect the Douro’s irreverent spirit.

Searching for an identity for this outstanding wine, we were inspired by a very feminine universe where, naturally, “two ladies get together to…Crochet”. The meticulous work involved in this “knot by knot” embroidery makes it a true work of art. Few things could better illustrate the love and dedication of two ladies to a project than this old ritual, so popular in Portugal.
And this was how Crochet was born, a wine whose qualities are elevated by an exceptional package. In it, we blended tradition and singularity, providing a genuine experience of the Douro’s nature.