The boldness of turning Portuguese grapes into gin.

Client: Portuguese Distillery & Friends, Lda.
Meios e Publicidade Design Awards 2015 (Packaging)

Asserting its place in an industry grown and distinguished by the British, Friends is a new and innovative gin that results from the union of two close friends who have boldly stepped out from their winemaking backgrounds. To the 38 typical botanicals used in gin-making, Tiago Cabaço and Luís Ferreira added dried grapes of Touriga Nacional grapes, a noble Portuguese grape variety, achieving a particular set of aromas.
In order to convey the originality and youth of this brand, we used the illustration of a cat and dog. At first this might seem a highly unlikely pair of friends. But if we look closely, the image actually expresses the union between two very different individuals, achieving something extraordinary. Not only do they represent the friendship between Luís and Tiago, but also the combination between an English gin background (dog) and the Portuguese wine influence (cat). The noble dog and illustrious cat are the face of a memorable concept for the attractive Friends brand, assuring it a special spot in bar stands and stores.