Gallo Bio

An organic Olive Oil, 100% Portuguese.

Client: Azeite Gallo

Gallo, in line with the market trend where consumers are increasingly interested in organic products and unprocessed foods and value the origin and the environment, launched the BIO Olive Oil, 100% Portuguese, thus reinforcing its commitment to quality, health and sustainability.

Our challenge was to create a totally different image using the brand's identity elements (bottle and logo) and giving it the ecological "look & feel" of the category. We accepted the challenge with joy because it is an honor working with one of the most beloved Portuguese brands and a pleasure taking it through paths we are familiar with.

Knowing well the olive oil industry, we know it generates great waste, the so-called “bagaço”. With this material we wanted to create a solution that would immediately meet the positioning of this new product; organic and sustainable. That’s when we had the idea to re-use the waste to make the product label. This process is still under study but has served as inspiration for the graphic solution of the packaging.

To the handmade paper we added a rough typography to reinforce the whole concept and through color we created an atmosphere of freshness and simplicity that makes this Bio Olive Oil so irresistible, standing out on a shelf and transmitting authenticity and confidence.