The Douro in your hands.

Client: Álvaro Martinho Dias Lopes

Álvaro Martinho is a man whose body and soul belong to the Douro. He lives and bears the region with the energy and pride that it deserves, turning his inspired words into actions. The vigour of the vineyards at his care expresses the love he has for them and the time he devotes to them, a genuine commitment.
He named his wine “Maquia”, which means profit or payment for one’s work, because there is no better reward for the long hours spent in the vineyard than to see it reflected in a great wine. Each bottle brings the softness and delicacy of an old vine’s field blend, as only the Douro can produce.
For something crafted with such dedication and devotion, from vine tree to bottle, we recreated this close bond between winegrower and vineyard in a distinguished label. In it, we get the chance to feel in our own hands the texture of a vine leaf, representing the closeness between man and nature, illustrating the respect and wonder that this force inspires, while we watch it overcome the most adverse conditions to offer the best grapes imaginable.