Monte da Carochinha

Recreating a portuguese tale.

Client: Sociedade Agrícola da Carochinha, Lda.

t’s in the Alentejo region, by the Atlantic Coast, that we can find the Carochinha village and the property that inherited this name.
We thus inspired in the famous Carochinha tale to conceive this wine’s image. From an intense and dedicated study and research of the illustrated children’s books from the 50’s and 60’s, resulted a complex, captivating and inspiring illustration that gives life to this label. In it we recreated a modern Carochinha, that plants her own vineyard by the sea.
The gift box, in natural cardboard, contrasts with the colourful inside that you can see through a window from where João Ratão admires the beautiful Carochinha.
A strong and innovative image that pays homage to the traditional portuguese culture and to what each bottle holds within.