Tic Tac

The pleasure of making wine without haste.

Client: Curiouswizard, Lda.

From the idea that haste is the enemy of perfection, and from a deep respect for Nature’s timings, could only result something that would reflect this patience and contemplation. In a time where everything happens in an instant, where time or space aren’t treasured as they used to anymore, nothing like breaking the habit and showing the best of quietude.
From this idea came the name, concept and image for the wine Tictac - The wisdom of time. The standing clock represented in the label, made of real wood, symbolizes the wisdom of the moments passed. It reminds us of the old and elaborate wall clocks ticking in the hallway of ancient houses, the ritual of winding them everyday and the persistent cuckoo, committed to remind us that time is running by.This project originally conveys the time devoted to this wine and the patience of waiting 4 years for the perfect moment to bottle it, showing us that the art of making wine is something to be enjoyed in all its fullness and with tranquility.