Vasques de Carvalho Port

From backstage to footlight.

Client: Vasques de Carvalho - Sociedade Agrícola e Comercial, Lda.

A family as deep-rooted in the Douro as the vine tree, whose members had never before asserted themselves as Port producers, now shows us the quality of its wines. The need to differentiate their Ports motivated us to create a timeless and unifying image that combines power and finesse.
Vasques de Carvalho is the living proof of a great roll inversion, of the ascension of a talent that used to be hidden by the light of others, but stands today head to head with its competitors, bringing out a consistent concept and wines of outstanding quality.
Adding the right amount of complexity and delicacy, we were able to instill Vasques de Carvalho’s spirit in this brand design: boldness, persistence and authenticity, which remain in the memory of anyone who tries it.