The Atlantic chastity and the Vicentine Coast.

Client: FRUPOR Sociedade Agro-Industrial, S.A.

Where the landscapes of the Alentejo merge with the steep Vicentine coast, grows a very special vineyard, whose wines were entrusted to us so that we would give them an identity, a name and an image.
Since the very first moment, we noticed in the uniqueness of these wines the strong influence of the sea, which stands so close. From the perfect combination between powerful maturations, typical of the Alentejo, and the pure Atlantic breeze, emerges a balance between complexity and freshness, which gives them depth and life.
The Vicentine coast is the prevailing element in these wines, which makes them stand out among others, making “Vicentino, wines from the Atlantic coast” more than just a naming choice, but a natural and inevitable consequence.
As a complement, we came up with an image that visually represents the soft blend between earth and ocean, fresh and spontaneous.