Vinha das Virtudes

Wines that perpetuate the victory of virtues over vices

Client: José Rodrigues, Unipessoal, Lda.

It was back in 2011 that José Rodrigues fell in love with the landscapes of Alentejo, that made his wish to leave a long lasting heritage grow stronger.
Devoted to create special wines, he found inspiration in the seven victorious virtues evoked in Prudentio’s epic poem, Psichomachia, to create the wines of Vinha das Virtudes (portuguese for Vineyard of Virtues).
We created this producer a distinctive monogram, symbol of his company and legacy, that seals the exquisite boxes and labels. We also found inspiration in Prudentio to create an image that perfectly expresses this concept. Each wine bares the name of a virtue, with a heptagon-shaped label. On the sides of this heptagon we can find the name of each one of the seven virtues. The classic and unique lettering gives this packaging class and notability, making it impossible for these bottles to be unnoticed. A timeless project revealing quality and prestige.