Lés-a-lés: Each wine label, a ticket to a forgotten destination

Aug 29, 2019 | design, packaging, process

Lés-a-lés: Each wine label, a ticket to a forgotten destination

From ideation to execution: The process of designing a wine label

Each wine has characteristics that make it unique. From the sprout of the first crop until the moment bottle is served, every wine tells a special story. This story is told through the design of the label.

At Rita Rivotti, we focus on turning marketing into art; a creative process that communicates the unique history that gives every wine it’s distinct notes and personality. From the spring rain showers to the hot summer days. A journey told by a single canvas: the label.

Concept: The history behind the Lés-a-lés project

Every wine is a journey, every label is a ticket to discover a forgotten land.

This was the concept that inspired the project Lés-a-lés: Journey through my country.

The desire to revive the old castes and near-extinct wines of Portugal is what sparked this collection of exclusive, limited edition wines. Inspired by travels throughout the country, the Lés-a-Lés project represents the exploration of regions with vivid yet forgotten wines.

The rich sense of wanderlust behind this project is what makes “Lés-a-lés” the perfect title for the brand. The name comes from a traditional Portuguese expression which means, for lack of a better translation, to know something point by point. To know a road “Lés-a-lés” means to know not only the path to the destination, but everything in between

The Lés-a-lés project embodies a collection wines that are all points along a greater journey. However, each point is unique, having its own name, personality, and story to share. And, through each bottle, you too can discover the forgotten lands of Portugal, such as the medieval village of Orem, Baga de Pé Franco, or Terrantez do Pico.

Packaging Design: A label that speaks for itself

The packaging is designed to reflect the essence of the brand and its history. For the wines of the Lés-a-lés project, there was an opportunity to convey this sense of wanderlust to the consumer, even before opening the bottle.

Lés-a-lés was born of the journeys through the past and stories experienced in first person, which materialize in the name. Each wine is a vessel for sharing these adventures and the incessant quest to explore and awaken dormant castes.

If every wine represents a journey, then with Lés-a-lés we travel through the tastes of forgotten castes from the north to the south of the country. We bought the ticket and went aboard this trip through the past, the interior of Portugal, and the age-old history behind this new brand.

At Each wine is different, and each is its own project.

For Lés-a-Lés we created the concept, suggested the name, and designed the packaging that gave these wines new life.

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