The Phoenicians were the greatest maritime people of antiquity.

Naming / Concept / Storytelling / Packaging

Agro Pecuária Rio Arade

Pentawards 2021 · Nomination in Wine category
XXIII Festival Clube Criativos Portugal 2021 · Gold
ADCE Awards ’21 · Packaging · Bronze

From their cities, merchant ships set sail loaded with bronze and iron weapons; ceramics, ivory and glass; jewellery and embroidery; and, of course, timber from the famous Lebanese cedars.

In exchange, they received wheat, barley, olive oil, honey, gold, silver, iron, lead and wine, which they would trade again in other ports along the Mediterranean Sea. It was by the hands of the Phoenicians that wine reached the Southern Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century BC, transported in amphorae and clay. Later, they taught us to produce our own wine from our own wild grapes (or woodbine). They settled on the banks of the Arade River and remained there. They called this place ARVAD, which means “Safe Haven” in their language. The vines that produced this wine are still there today.

Using the shape of a Phoenician amphora as the central element for this wine’s image, we decorated the label with motifs inspired by the rich Phoenician art and lettering inspired by their alphabet. Symbolically, we ground clay and used it to make a paste with which we capped the bottles, to perpetuate that era and those people who brought us so many riches.

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