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Prémios Meios & Publicidade ’21 · Sustentabilidade e Responsabilidade Social · Menção Honrosa

Fratellini is an artisanal ice cream brand created by the Vale de Acór Association, a non-profit private charity that has been committed to helping recovery from addiction since 1994. The factory employs people who have completed rehabilitation treatment and are unable to find work in the job market.
The profits from this ice cream also go to the Associaçtion and are its primary source of income, as well as donations.   
We designed the Fratellini logo with tape for 3 reasons:
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  1. Tape bonds, and is therefore a symbol of union, fraternity and brotherhood (fratellini means “little brothers”).
  2. Tape restores, which is Vale de Acór’s mission: to restore those who are “broken” with pieces of tape (love) and put them back together bit by bit until they are healed and ready to “live for others”
  3. The logo made from tape is a celebration of imperfection. It pays tribute to the VA project, which understands and embraces imperfection, the real human condition, and sees beauty in this imperfection that carries the marks of time.

The illustrations for each flavour were drawn by hand to reinforce the brand’s humane character.

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