Gallo Bio

A very Portuguese organic olive oil

Concept / Packaging

Azeite Gallo

Accompanying the major market trend where consumers are increasingly interested in organic products and unprocessed foods, valuing product origins and environmental concerns, Gallo launched the olive oil BIO, 100% Portuguese, thereby reinforcing the brand’s commitment to quality, health and sustainability.

The challenge presented to us was to create a differentiating image, using the brand’s identifying elements (bottle and logo) and giving it its own eco look & feel. We were happy to embrace this challenge because we consider it an honour to work with one of the most beloved Portuguese brands, and a pleasure to work in areas that we enjoy and where we are so at ease.

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We know the olive oil industry well and are aware that it generates great waste, namely the pomace. We wanted to use this material to create a solution that suited this new product’s positioning: organic & sustainable. This is what led us to use this by-product to produce the paper for the packaging. The process is still in the study phase, but it served as inspiration for the graphic solution.

To the artisanal paper, we added a rough typography to reinforce the concept and, through the colour, created an atmosphere of freshness and simplicity that makes this Bio olive oil irresistible on the shelf.

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