that means “from de south”, is a Medronho, a traditional Portuguese Spirit made with arbutus berries.

Concept / Packaging

“Medronheiros” trees grow all over Portugal but they are abundant in the Alentejo Coast and Algarve (in the south) where their spirit has been popular for more than a century. 

Medronhos, arbutus berries, ripen slowly, turning from green and yellow to orange/red. They are harvested in the fall by local people who search hills and valleys for the ripe fruits to distilled them in traditional still, respecting ancestral precepts and crafting a spirit that stands out for its softness, sweet and fruity aromas despite its hight alcohol content.

“Medronheiros” trees are part of the traditional Mediterranean flora among cork oaks, holm oaks, olive trees, rosemarys, etc. Unfortunately, these forest has come to be replaced for other more profitable trees which is not adapted to our climate. That’s one of the reasons we are facing huge problems with fires.

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Sulista producers planted orchards of “medronheiros” and they are aiming to turn Medronho Spirit popular also abroad Portugal while calling for the sustainability of our primordial flora as an effective way to prevent fires and restore the natural beauty of the landscape.

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