Susana Esteban

Winemaker Susana Esteban’s philosophy is to make small quantities of exclusive wines.

Concept / Packaging

Susana Esteban

Pentawards 2021 · Nomination in Wine category
XXIII Festival Clube Criativos Portugal 2021 · Silver
Prémios Meios & Publicidade ’21 · Packaging

It’s in her refuge in the Serra de São Mamede mountains that she finds the inspiration to expand her portfolio in such a creative way.

The concept behind “Procura”, (which means “search”), is her constant search for very old vines that have been abandoned in the mountain range. To age her wine “Foudre”, she ordered a special vat from Alsace. She crafted “Ânfora” in giant clay amphorae that she discovered. For “Side Car”, every year she invites someone to make the wine with her, and “Sem Vergonha” is a wine made in the Burgundy style using Alentejo grape varieties, which is why we depicted the fleur-de-lis. In “Tira o véu”, a biochemical reaction occurred where a layer of yeast appeared on the wine’s surface, preventing contact with air. Seen through a microscope, this layer looks like lace.

To illustrate each wine, we created a visual storytelling through a graphic icon stamped in silver metal on handmade paper. The sophistication of the metallic sheen in contrast with the roughness of the paper, expresses the philosophy of these super-premium wines crafted using ancient methods.

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