Vinho do Mar

The image for this wine was created by the sea. The label for this wine was created by the sea.

Storytelling / Packaging

Sociedade Agrícola da Carochinha

Pentawards 2021 · Platinum in Beverages category
XXIII Festival Clube Criativos Portugal 2021 · Gold
ADCE Awards ’21 · Packaging · Silver

It was designed over the course of 10 months when the bottles were immersed in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, on the Alentejo coast in Portugal.

During this time, by ageing in these temperature and humidity conditions, the wine produced by Monte da Carochinha developed in an interesting and unique way. And its image accompanied this development, creating amazing and deeply beautiful motifs.

All we did was seal the image with the producer’s brand and enable each bottle to display a unique artistic design.

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